Alcoholism & Sobriety: A Chef’s Perspective

“Sobriety” holds various meanings to different people. Likewise, the thought of consuming alcohol can hold different meanings to different individuals as well. For some, it’s an enjoyable social activity done amongst friends at dinner, in front of a football game, or with colleagues at a nearby Happy Hour. For others, a case of beer or a bottle of wine are associated with alcoholism, which carries a different weight altogether.

Joy Sutton, host of American Addiction Centers’ (AAC’s) talk show, Addiction Talk, interviewed Celebrity Chef Chris Scott, owner of Butterfunk Biscuit Co. in New York City and a finalist in Season 15 of the hit TV show Top Chef!

Chef Chris speaks candidly about his struggles with alcohol misuse in both the kitchen and in his personal life. From the struggles to the triumphs, he opens up about the impact alcohol has had on his life and how he is now living a life of sobriety.

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